Admission Policy


  • The Principal will examine each application, the required certificates and reports, Interview the applicant and parents and decide on admission
  • A pupil who has attended any recognised school can be admitted only when a school leaving certificate is produced from the last school attended If the pupil comes from a school outside the state of Maharashtra, the Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the Educational Officer of the division in which the school is situated
  • Admission from an unrecognised school shall not be made on the strength of a Leaving Certificate Applicants for admission from unrecognised school shall produce an affidavit made by parent/ guardian before a magistrate and the child will be subjected to a regular written test and will be admitted provisionally to the standard for which they are found fit, subject to confirmation by the Education Inspector.
  • Parents guardians’ and new students must note that they cannot dictate to the Management and that the Management has the right to say on what conditions it will admit or retain students in the school.



  • The application for the school Leaving Certificate should be submitted on or before 31 of Jan or one month before the Academic Year ends
  • Such notice should be given in writing by a person responsible for the student and not by the student himself. Those who leave in April during the Academic Year, fees will be charged otherwise
  • No Leaving Certificate will be granted unless the school dues are paid. The Leaving Certificate has to be signed by the person responsible for the student
  • Parents are required to submit a written application in the prescribed format available at the reception, to obtain the leaving certificate & deposits
  • The school leaving certificate can be obtained only after full and final settlement with the school, THE SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE CAN BE DENIED IF ANY OF THE DUES ARE PENDING



  • A written application stating the reason why a duplicate school leaving certificate is required.
  • The status of the original school leaving certificate has to be mentioned along with proper date of submission
  • Parents may also be asked to make affidavit for the same



  • Please make note that children can celebrate their birthday by coming in casual clothes that are decent and appropriate for school wear.
  • Distribution of chocolate bars, cakes, pastries, tetra packs of juice, biscuits or any other item is strictly not permitted.
  • If parents wish, they can donate a book to the library on behalf of the child.
  • Distribution of private birthday invitations must be done by the parents outside the school premises. No Information regarding students will be provided to any parents for the above purpose.
  • We discourage the distribution of any kind of gifts or sweets on birthdays to staff members.
  • Children may distribute only toffees amongst their class mates