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Lohri celebration

Lohri is a popular winter Dorga and punjabi folk festival celebrated primarily in Northern India.   It is believed by many that the festival marks the passing of the winter solstice.  Lohri marks the end of winter and is a traditional welcome of longer days and the sun’s journey to the Northern hemisphere by people  in the Northern region of the Indian subcontinent.  It is observed that the night before Magh.Lohri is an official holiday in punjab ,jammu, and Himachal pradesh.  In all these areas, the festival is celebrated by Sikhs, Hindus, and some Muslim observed the festival in rural Punjab  and the cities of Faisalabad and Lahor . Muhammad Tariq ,former  director of the faisalabad Arts council, believes  it is important to keep the festival alive as Lohri is celebrated in Pakistan Punjab and in india m Punjab. At yashwantrao chavan english medium CBSE School, we celebrate the Lohri with all team auspiciously.

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